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PricesMassage TherapyIndian Head massageReflexology
6 hours per therapist£230.00£230.00£230.00
4 hours per therapist£160.00£160.00£160.00
2 hours per therapist £90.00 £90.00 £90.00

officemassageMany corporations and businesses are now encouraging their staff to take a  break to experience the relaxing benefits of on-site massage. Clients report that after session of seated acupressure, Indian head or reflexology they feel energised and refreshed.

Sessions are normally 15 minutes per staff member, with a 5 minute change around , travel and therapist breaks are included in the price.

For Smaller groups 5 and under their is a set price of £25 per person plus £10 travel and sessions are 20/25 minutes


If you Would Like to Know How Massage can Help with in the work Place .

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