Foot Treatments


Reflexology with a foot treatment70 min£45.00



Foot Treatment

Clients choose to have a  Foot Treatment because it is a very soothing and relaxing experience, which refreshes and Revitalises you.

It is a great treatment if your on your feet all day , feetbowlfloweralso is very goot to help pregnant ladies relax when some Holistic treatments are not suitable for them.

Standard  Foot Treatment

  • Foot Soak or clense
  • Foot scrub optional
  • Foot  Mask*
  • Relaxing Reflexology

* Can be change for a Paraffin Wax Massage

A luxury treatment of warm paraffin wax for beautifully soft, cared for hands or feet. The warming effect is especially good if you have stiff or aching joints