Reflexology45 min£40.00
Mini Reflexology20 min£20.00
Pregnancy Reflexology45 min£40.00
Reflexology with foot treatment70 min£60.00
Mini Reflexology & BNS massage60 min£55.00
Reflexology & BNS massage 70 min£60.00
Thai Foot45 min£40.00


Reflexology uses light pressure to massage each of the points in the toes, feet and ankles. To release tension, remove energy blockages, stimulate blood circulation, disperse accumulations of calcium and uric acid, and promote healing of both body and mind.

Reflexology can be used to treat a wide range of disordersreflexology

Reflexology can be used to keep the body’s energy flowing and the mind in balance.

As part of the balancing process, some clients find that reflexology encourages the elimination of toxins from the body. Therefore, as this could interfere with any medication you are taking, it is very important to inform the practitioner of any medicinal treatment you are receiving.

Also, be sure to tell the Reflexology practitioner if you have a pacemaker, kidney stones or gallstones. If you have a healthstonereflex problem such as high blood pressure, thyroid disease or diabetes; or you have a foot injury, phlebitis, thrombosis or blood clots, have a chat with your doctor before booking a reflexology session.

Some clients report that, immediately after a reflexology treatment, they feel very relaxed and sleepy and just want to go home and lie down.



Reflexology is suitable for everyone, except those people who dislike having their feet touched. Reflexology should be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy and only therapist trained in pregnancy should treat pregnant women.

Cancellation policy:

We respectfully request a 24-hour notice to amend or cancel any appointments. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for non-attendance or cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice.

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