Warm Bamboo


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What is Bamboo Massage?

Bamboo Massage is a table massage where the therapist uses warmed bamboo tools of varying lengths and diameter to roll, knead and relax muscles with deep tissue techniques and is beneficial in that it brings about increased circulation, relief of sore muscles and a deep state of relaxation.

The Benefits of treatment include:

  • Increased circulation due to more surface contact
  • More pressure can be evenly administered to the client‘s body
  • Pressure is effectively maintained for longer periods of time
  • Effective deep tissue work can be done in a shorter amount of time
  • Allows pain free deep tissue work for bodies with lots of hair
  • Aids relaxation
  • Eases muscles aches and pains

How does Bamboo massage work?

It allows the therapist to utilise gravity-assisted leverage with bamboo tolls using their own body weight, while the bamboo tools combined with a special oil, glide over the contours of the client’s body to give a well-needed deep tissue massage. The warmth of the sticks relaxes the body, melting away all the cares of the world as the heat penetrates the deeper layers of the skin surface, increasing circulation, relief of sore muscles, and a deep state of relaxation.

What does Bamboo massage feel like?

This massage is very warming, relaxing and feels exquisite. It brings about an increased circulation, relief of sore muscles and deep relaxation. Clients who prefer to receive a deep tissue and sports massage will love this treatment, as this massage is great for the relief of overused and muscle soreness incurred in all sports and in professions that build up stress.